Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Color Block Challenge: Day 2

So it's day two of the fashion color-block challenge, created by Houston Chronicle's fashion and beauty editor Joy Sewing, and I've decided to don various hues of blue [my favorite color].

Houston Community College's fashion professor, Rita Bass was color blocking today as well. She wore an of-the-season yellow top and sweater, paired with dark brown pants and sandals. Her accessories included yellow-toned circular drop earrings and a ring-shaped necklace. 

Note: please forgive me for the quality of the image, since it's taken with my phone.

Houston Community College's fashion professor, Rita Bass

Putting color together in different ways is a challenge, and also a test in thinking outside the box!


Here are four easy ways to incorporate color blocking:

  • Mix solid pieces. It’s easier to pair a red jacket with an orange skirt, than trying to work prints together. 
  • Stick with two colors. Anything more than that and you risk looking a bit "cartoonish," according to Joy Sewing. I, personally, believe three is the maximum number of colors one can wear in an outfit. Of course, be mindful of the tone of colorsdo not pair a bunch of neon colors together; that just screams "headache." 
  • Instead of blackpick khaki, beige, or white to mix with colors.
  • If you are a guy, mix a darker blue shirt with a purple or orange tie.
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