Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Home for the Holidays: One King's Lane

I recently heard about One Kings Lane, which is essentially like Gilt Groupe yet for luxury-finds exclusively for your home. They offer fragrances, furnishings, books, kitchenware and all sorts of goodies for home as well as travel.

Most sales launch at 8am PT/11 am ET and last 72 hours!

A few of my favorites from One Kings Lane include:

This gorgeous and mesmerizing gift wrap trio by Cynthia Rowley--15 sheets for $32 {retails: $100}. It speaks for itself. The patterns, which are exclusive to One Kings Lane, include a modern floral against a vivid rose-colored background, a rainbow lattice on a white background, and a dramatic gold graphic lace on a black background. FYI: The gift wrap measures 22" length x 29" height x 4" diameter.

These set of 4 blue bamboo soup bowls by L'Objet for $45 {retails: $95}. The blue rim of these earthenware soup bowls have a beautiful bamboo and hummingbird motif; the interior of the bowls are a clean white, the better to present food.

Each piece by L'Objet is designed by Elad Yifrach, a former interior designer whose passion for perfection is apparent in every contour and surface.

Another L'Object piece I love is this 6" x 16" blue bamboo tart tray for $35 {retails: $70}. This tray can be used for tarts, cookies, small dishes or a variety of things!

A great travel essential is this Rowallan Ruth pill case in "Skye Blue" for $15 {retails: $27+}. This beautiful leather zip-box discreetly houses medicines, vitamins or small essentials; the case includes three bottles to fill. The interior is lined with a signature suede.

Founded and based in Scotland, Rowallan's collections are imbued with a quiet sense of chic that's effortlessly stylish. The beauty of their designs is that all their products include clean, classic lines and organizational features designed to help make an on-the-go lifestyle a little bit easier.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Skinny vs. Fat: The War Rages On

What was initially a "who wore it best" poll, turns into a "skinny vs. fat" war...

I think both of them (Kim Kardashian and Victoria Beckham) look great in the Alexander McQueen ensemble, in their own element. {Note: The dress was originally worn by Beckham in March of 2009, then Kardashian followed in the optical illusion ensemble for a promotional campaign for her reality show on E!} In my honest opinion, both have chosen to wear the dress in a way that highlights their best assets, according to their own body and personal sense of style!

However, when I read the comments on the post, it was a total "skinny vs. fat" war of words among a wide array of women! The same amount of hatred can be found on DailyMail's online article. I believe, it may have been started by the words chosen by the writer of the post or maybe it's just the harsh view of women that is ingrained within us by the media and society.

The only comment I found not repulsive and extremely
honest is Sarrs':
“Unbelievable. These posts are just plain mean.
I understand curvier women supporting Kim [Kardashian], makes sense more like them and thinner women supporting Victoria [Beckham] for the same reasons. Seriously, there’s no need to hate on anybody. 

Most of us women cannot help our body types, save dieting or plastic surgery. Women with large breasts, butts, and hips are the “classic woman”–-well, what about those that are naturally thin? Just because they happen to have been born with small breasts, hips and butts, they are less womanly? Seriously ladies. Stop being so mean to one another. I know these posts are anonymous, but would any of you make these comments to someone’s face? I think we all have a really hard time trying to love what we were born with. Media mixes messages for us on a daily basis. Thin women are made to feel less feminine because they lack “womanly curves”–-I guarantee–-they already feel bad about this. Curvy women are made to feel like fashion is only for the thin–-runway models are notorious waifs–-so they too feel the need to starve themselves to look more like models (less than 5% of our population). Lets try loving one each other instead of bashing the opposite of whatever body type that we have to make ourselves feel better.

Women are women because they have breasts (small or large) and a vagina to make babies. Ladies in a world where we are pitted against one another, lets not buy into this crap and support each other.
In regards to the fashion of the dress I think each wore it for their own reasons: Victoria so it would give an illusion of more curves (what so many are meanly criticizing her for not having–for gods sake–the dress is an attempt to look more like someone like Kim); Kim is proud of her curves, I can’t speak to whether or not they’re all real, but she wore the dress to show off what she considers her best assets.

So what?!? Do any of you feel better about yourself after reading all this? Do you feel vindicated by those who have bashed on your opposite body type? Do you feel validated by the men and women who have praised your body type?

This world is hard enough. We don’t need to add to the madness by berating anyone.

Kit-Kat's comment is assuring as well: "In my opinion these two girls are on the extreme sides of curvy and thin and I think the dress is meant for a girl who’s in the middle. {Say, Carol Vorderman?} And stop judging girls ASAP because I see people insulting VB for being to thin and calling KK beautiful, and I see people calling KK fat and VB beautiful. Kim [Kardashian] doesn’t need to lose [weight] and Victoria [Beckham] doesn’t need to gain [weight]. They’re both beautiful but in different ways, why can’t you people see that? Judging people is what makes them change their bodies for the worse, so stop it already!"

I wonder what people would say if the images were of two larger women or two slimmer women:

For those who don't know me, I’m a skinny or thin-framed individual and have been all my life. Last year I had made friends with 2 larger or plus-size women and they had their own body issues, just as anyone does. However, they were threatened by me because of my skinny or super-thin frame that they desperately wanted. One of them I considered a good friend and the other I considered an acquaintance.

One day, I decided we all should hang out and we all went to a restaurant, then a lounge, followed by a karoke bar.

Later that night they both were trash-talking about me behind my back, picked me up at the karaoke bar (without my permission) and threw me around like a doll. At first I tried laughing it off, but later as they were forcefully pushing me and pulling me, I felt highly threatened. Luckily, my other half was with me so he had to intervene in order to get me out of there. It was an ultimate form of disrespect and I discontinued my friendship with both those individuals immediately. I have been teased about my body, just as anyone else, and I don't value people who bash one another–-I like focusing my energies on the positives! I think ignorance only breeds more hatred and misunderstanding!

And I know that men feel the same way in regards to their own personal bodies, so women aren't alone in this! Men are berated by the media, same as women. We're all human; I think we should all accept and love ourselves, followed by loving one another. When we start doing this, even in the smallest way, then we can all start the process towards peace (within ourselves and within this world).

Friday, October 7, 2011

Jen Kao Thrills & Wows

Jen Kao was born in Los Angeles, raised in Kansas, and moved to New York City in 1999 to study Studio Art at NYU. Later building on her passion for fine art and with a desire to explore three-dimensional design, Kao recognized her growing interest in textile construction and subsequently obtained a graduate degree in fashion design from Parsons.

Recently Kao debuted her first resort collection and I must say "wow"! Kao's designs are usually experimental and radiant; her resort collection was described as "easy dramatic" since it pulled together easy-to-wear pieces with dramatic prints and colors.

My favorites from Kao's Resort 2012 Collection include:

I loved the bright colors and, most of all, the beautiful shades of blue [my favorite color]. Kao never fails to amaze me... as her runway shows always feature cutting-edge prints, nail art, jewelry, and hair styles.

Her Fall/Winter 2012 collection is nothing short of excitement! My favorite looks from that collection include {in this ascending to descending order}:


I believe what I love most about Kao would be that she creates astonishing and exquisite works that are both a work of art as well as wearable. Plus, she creates clothing and accessories that she, herself, wears... she stays true to who she is and her style, which I absolutely adore!

“There are intelligent ways to convey sexuality. A woman can emphasize her assets, internal and external, without revealing the obvious.” --Jen Kao.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Motel Rocks!

So I totally just bought the last Motel "Rockies" print dress in XS on Nasty Gal. FYI: Nasty Gal is a San Francisco based online shopping website that targets vintage enthusiasts as well as individuals that want something unique from a newly-found designer. I'm always hesitate to purchase online, but I just couldn't pass up the fun-printed dress and since there was only 1 more dress (in XS) in stock I took it as a sign!

Motel has amazing, unique merchandise! They sell a few merchandise on Nasty Gal, which is how I heard about them. Also, they have a store in Bristol (United Kingdom) and they sell online via the official website:

Most famous for it's figure-fixing, quirky dresses--Motel is a brand that likes to call itself "the wild child of British style," with their "eclectic mix of punk, retro, fun-filled 'killer style' clothing."

Lily Allen, Little Boots, The Ting Tings, Alesha Dixon, and Marina and the Diamonds are just a few public figures or "celebrities" (within the music industry) that have been seen wearing the UK-based brand. Motel has also rocked several magazine publications, including the May 2011 issue of (American) Marie Claire.

As I was searching through Motel's official site, I realized the brand had a whole collection titled "Rockies" and here are a few pieces from the wonderful collection:

P.S. Motel offers FREE SHIPPING to all USA deliveries + FREE deliveries and returns if you're in the UK region. Also, become a Motel FaceBook fan:, to keep up-to-date with new merchandise, contests, etc.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Barneys NY Sale

Items worth the splurge at Barneys NY (online sale), in my view, are Carven's asymmetric dress in taupe {sale price: $199}, Diane Von Furstenberg's "Flyma" dress in red-orange {sale price: $209}, Jil Sander's "Half Frame" bag {sale price: $759}, M.Patmos' shift dress in beige {sale price: $239}, and Rodarte x Opening Ceremony's deep-pleated skirt in tan {sale price: $209}.

Clothing merchandises are dry clean only!

I've created a fashionable yet practical set with each piece [via] - ways in which I would wear the pieces, using items which I currently own as well as wish to own, or even mixing the items in a way that correlates with the color scheme and/or with one another in an manner that is unconventional.

What are your thoughts?
How would you pair each item?
[either together or separately]

Create a Polyvore set and link it here (in the comments) to showcase how you would wear a look from the sale items I've been eying!

Taupe It Off

Red Alert

Be Bold in Beige

Color Moves

Safety pin a necklace to a blazer for a Balmain look.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Summer Sales

I'm sure end-of-season sales are nothing when in comparison to "Black Friday" and Christmas shopping. But with so many end-of-season sales going on, it can be hard to know where to go or where the deals really are!

Often times sales are great, but usually the unpleasant sizes (i.e. L or XL), damaged goods or no proper merchandise worth the money are left.

A few sales that I believe are worth checking out are {in no particular order}:

2.) BCBG Max Azria - sale lasts until Sunday, July 17th!
Free shipping online with a purchase of $200+

3.) Kate Spade Outlet - sale lasts until Monday, July 4th!

4.) Dorothy Perkins (British E-retailer)

5.) Nasty Gal - score an extra 20% off sale merchandise until Monday, July 4th!

6.) Theory - get 50% off women's, men's and {Belgium fashion designer} Olivier Theyskens' collection.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Royal Wedding THEIA Edition

Royal Wedding fever spread throughout the world as Kate Middleton, the newly named Duchess of Cambridge, and Prince William (now the Duke of Cambridge) tied the knot last Friday, April 29, 2011.

In all honesty, the fashion-savvy were far more intrigued with what Kate Middleton was wearing more so than the wedding festivities!

The morning of the wedding, posted this article: “Kate Middleton Wears Alexander McQueen,” thus answering the query of many among the nation and around the world. Soon after, articles popped up on the Internet in regards to the second gown Middleton donned for the post-wedding dinner reception at Buckingham Palace.

The creative director of Alexander McQueen, Sarah Burton, designed both the wedding and post-wedding reception gowns for Middleton. 

The second gown, worn at the evening reception, was a party-appropriate yet simply elegant white satin gazar and strapless, with silver diamante embroidery at the waist. It featured a circle skirt and Middletown paired it with a cropped angora sweater.

McQueen gowns retail (on an average) from $7,000 to $15,000. A budget-friendly replica of the second McQueen gown that Middleton sported at the reception would be THEIA’s silk organza ball gown with crystal-beaded waistband (retails for $1,995) – as shown during April bridal market. This particular THEIA gown hits select Nordstrom bridal boutiques in August. 

  * THEIA gown image courtesy of Melissa Veniero Ciavirella, PR director of JS Group Intl.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Emerging Houston Boutique: Raquel's Closet

Said to be from California, but raised in Houston, the do-it-all diva Raquel Lee keeps herself busy with her rap/music career, styling photo shoots, hair/makeup, being a personal shopper, as well as a boutique owner.

With only 6 months in the prominent River Oaks location, Raquel's Closet (located at 2611 S. Shepherd - Suite #145, Houston, TX 77098) boasts an unique, fun and friendly vibe. The petite boutique screams a hot pink; girly yet fashionable theme. The boutique features clothes/merchandise from a variety of independent designers - most of whom are from Los Angeles. The assortment of merchandise isn't too diverse, however the array of choices can fit anyone from a petite individual to a plus-size one. Also, don't be fooled by the size-labels on the merchandise, because a size "S" (small) can fit an extra small to small, so don't hesitate to try on clothes/merchandise because you're afraid it won't fit you. Lee is wise in knowing what clothes work on any body - regardless of size - so the small arrangement of merchandise can quickly sell out; pair that with the low prices (almost everything is under $50) and it's sure to be a seller!

Although I wouldn't quite say everything is a classic piece as most of the merchandise is in-season or trendy attire with classical to whimsical charm. Some of the merchandise may not be everyone's cup of tea (much too "urban" or street-wear, for myself) however it's definitely worth checking out at least once - you're sure to find at least one must-have and/or of-the-moment find!

I know I definitely did... Purchased a black lace skirt (reminiscent of Prada's RTW Fall 2008 collection) for $32.46, with tax!

Also, mind you - since it's a new and emerging boutique - it's very petite and there are a few renovations that I believe could be needed or done! However, I believe the small space has been crafted into an overall enjoyable experience.


 {In-store images taken on my iPhone.}
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