Thursday, November 12, 2009

Je Veux Ton Amour Et Je Veux Ta Revanche

"I'm a free bitch, baby!"
So I finally gave into the Gaga craze yesterday.

First off, I dare you to watch the official music video to Lady Gaga's single "Bad Romance" (if you haven't already):

"I want your horror, I want your design, 'Cause you're a criminal - as long as you're mine..."

/// Featured in the music video: Ukrainian Vodka (Nemiroff LEX), Alexander McQueen Printemps-Été 2010 and (similar to Nagi Noda's hair hats) Japanese hairstylist Shinji Konishi's bat hair hat.

The whole music video looks like a high-fashion magazine editorial spread, like something out of Vogue Italia! The whole concept of the music video and contrasting colors throughout is just orgasmic! (And the tune/visuals at the end of the video reminded me somehow of something from The Munsters)
Also, the sexy men (male models, most likely) in the music video remind me of the 2007 action, yet very fashionable, film Hitman (directed by French director Xavier Gens). You have to watch it if you haven't already; it's one of my favorite films!
The whole music video just feeds my fashionable fantasies! I won't even start. All I have to say is high-fashion is better than porn!
Anyways, throughout the video, I've realized Gaga looks like a love child of Madonna and Gwen Stefani. However, she seems to mimic not only their look/style - she even appears to remind me of (former club kid) James St. James, (fashion designer) Betsey Johnson, and (almost everyone should know) Gaga imitates Róisín Murphy!
I like Gaga's music, effort, concepts/ideas and she is talented - yet I'm still not a huge fan of hers.
I actually prefer Róisín Murphy, considering the first time I heard about her was when I saw her amazing performance at Fashion Rocks on Fashion TV. However I do have to thank the lovely Gabriel Geismar (for those who don't know him, he's the exquisite Janice Dickinson's makeup artist and a very kindred soul - mostly I adore talking fashion/life with him when he gets the time) for sending me Lady Gaga's "Just Dance" music video my way, which is actually the first time I had heard about Gaga.
I just feel like Gaga tries too hard or something and she's far too "commercial" - there's just something about Gaga that doesn't appeal to me. Maybe its all the hype?

Either way, I prefer beauty-&-brains types [who speak to /resonate with my soul], like (artist/heiress) Daphne Guinness! Maybe I prefer mademoiselle Guinness because she's proved herself as more than just a fashion/beauty icon - she's also a journalist, fashion stylist, film producer and a collector of haute couture.
Whatever. As time/life changes, maybe I'll find myself liking Gaga more... after all, as our life experiences change/shape us we realize what we once liked or disliked we may feel differently about in the years to come. I know its very true for myself! (And it never really struck me as hard until this one time when a beloved-&-wise fashion professor at my college named monsieur Alexander Chapman said something that just hit me like a thunderbolt).

*In other Gaga news: Lady Gaga is featured in the November 2009 Russian GQ Magazine!


I've just now learned that Lady Gaga is Nicola Formichetti's client and he styled the entire music video, which was directed by Francis Lawrence.
For those who don't quite know me well - I'm a huge fan of Formichetti; he is my absolute favorite stylist! I would probably give up my life just to work, or even intern, for him! I've been in love with his work as well as following his styling for quite some time now - everything he creates is just pure genius! He manipulates what I call "average mojo-jojo" people would even think to pair together!
Also, I was just now watching the Lady Gaga June 2009 Interview on Formichetti's blog and I must admit I did just dislike her for her "commercial/mass-media hype". She is very wise, in actuality! She dropped out of NYU to live a starving artist life - that's passion; that's the kind of beautiful torture that makes me love individuals!

One more thing - Nicola Formichetti has posted the entire fashion credits for Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance" music video on his blog! It's perfect because Formichetti has answered my prayers/questions! Thank God/the-universe for brilliant minds and passionate hearts!

*Few of my favorite fashionable pieces:

- The breathtaking masks on the men which are created by Jaiden rVA James.

Lady Gaga wears a Jaiden rVa James mask in a shoot shot by fashion photographer Max Abadian, for December 2009's issue of Flare Magazine. Obviously styled by the great Nicola Formichetti!

- The crystal rosaries created by (fashion designer) Benjamin Cho, as featured previously in Paper Magazine.

My favorite Benjamin Cho piece is this polar bear faux-fur coat, which was created for his Spring 2004 runway show with the Humane Society. I guess I should be happy it's not real fur, but I do adore real fur as well. Anyways, this faux-fur polar bear coat is something I would wear to my (fashionable fantasy) wedding. It's supremely lovely!

- The lovely lace, red outfit created by (fashion/graphic designer and Australian artist) Alex Noble. Alex Noble is a huge inspiration to me because he gives me hope that I don't have to settle into any one aspect of the fashion/art/business industry but I can indeed do whatever I feel I can achieve or am passionate about! His work/life resonates deep within my soul. To me, I believe in all or nothing and always following your heart!
Lady Gaga has an amazing and brilliantly talented team behind her. I can only hope I learn as much as I can from lovely, kindred souls so that one day I too may lead a passionate, liberating life within the fashion industry! xo.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Alex & Chloe: Sale Items

My top 5 (unisex) sale item picks from Alex & Chloe:

"Don't Say Non" T-Shirt in white [[$27]]
The shirt also comes in black and pink.
The design reminds me of French graffiti/street artist, ZEVS.

"I Heart Paris" T-Shirt in white [[$27]]
Also available in black and pink.
The design/look of the shirt reminds me of GAS'D clothing line.

"Forever" T-Shirt in white [[$46.20]]
Also available in black.
T-shirt designed by New York City based visual artist Kenzo Minami.

"I'm Too Sexy" T-Shirt in white [[$27]]
Available in black and pink.
I love the French graphic words on the shirt - "Je Suis Trop Sexy Pour Cette Chemise" (English Translation: I Am Too Sexy For This Shirt).

"Inverted Triangle" T-Shirt in white [[$27]]
Also available in black and pink.
I really love the pyramid design; reminds me of Daft Punk as well as Hemaly's blog!
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