Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Monsoon / Accessorize: The Magic Is You

Monsoon Stores, an United Kingdom design-led retailer operating two highly successful chains known as Monsoon and Accessorize, has developed a strong brand with a highly distinctive identity that is quickly becoming well-known throughout the fashion industry.

Founded in 1973 by Peter Simon, the original focus was always clothes with an ethnic origin from various countries, ranging from unusual dresses from Afghanistan to hand block printed clothes from Rajasthan. The intrinsic beauty of fabric, color and technique so evident in the early sourcing of Monsoon's products from the Far East continues to exercise a strong influence to this day.

In May 1973, the first Monsoon shop opened in Beauchamp Place, Knightsbridge, London. In 1984, Accessorize evolved as Monsoon started to sell a small collection of accessories which became so popular that the idea for the innovative new store format was born thus creating an exciting and strongly differentiated High Street concept for fashion accessories in an adjoining shop to the Monsoon, Covent Garden Piazza branch. The second Accessorize store was soon after set in Carnaby Street in 1986. 1992 saw the first Accessorize store outside London with a store opening in Manchester. In the same year the first airport store was opened at London - Gatwick South terminal. Building on the company's phenomenal success, a store opening program began, averaging 16 new stores each year.

In May 1999, Monsoon Home launched its first shop in Kings Road, London. The range incorporates the Monsoon look and philosophy creating an innovative and individual home accessories range. Then in 2001, Monsoon Baby was launched, as well as Accessorize Angels. In 2003, Monsoon Boy was launched with Monsoon Men following in the Autumn of 2004.

Monsoon has expanded rapidly from its London base. Today there are over 400 Monsoon and Accessorize stores in the United Kingdom and over 600 throughout the world (unfortunately none in the United States, as of yet). However, for those who can't seem to find a Monsoon / Accessorize store nearby in their state or country, there is international delivery for online shoppers - which does include the United States (5-12 days delivery time).

I only recently heard about Monsoon and Accessorize when I was browsing through merchandise for looks on Looklet. I came upon this gorgeous scarf covered with peonies (my favorite flower) from Monsoon, which made me want to investigate more on the company/brand.

*Here's a look I created using only products from Monsoon and Accessorize.

Products used from Accessorize: Vintage Enveloped Clutch Bag, Enchanted Vine Wrap Gem Ring, Jaguar Buckle Faux-Snake Skinny Belt, and these black sandals (which I, unfortunately, can not find on their online store).

Products used from Monsoon: the beloved peony-scarf (which I, to my own dismay, can not find on their online store), this luscious violet skirt and this black dress with amazing details on the front (both of which I, also, can not find on their online store).

There's all sorts of goodies for all types of individuals, regardless of your personal style, so I definitely urge everyone to check out Monsoon and/or Accessorize.

To keep up-to-date on more news about Monsoon and Accessorize as well as future promotions/sales, please feel free to follow them on FaceBook and Twitter.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Christopher Lee Sauvé Strikes Again

Remember those infamous "Save Anna" t-shirts?

Well, New York City based artist and fashion impresario, Christopher Lee Sauvé has launched a new collection of hand-painted graphic t-shirts for the new year featuring new mantras ranging from "Fuck The Recession" to "Print Is Dead".

One of my favorites from the new collection would definitely be the t-shirt in memory of Yves Saint Laurent:

I'll forever adore monsieur Yves Saint Laurent because of the ideal he enraptures and I strongly believe in the elegant, stylish grandeur he set forth in the world of fashion.

Another favorite of mine from the collection would be the "God Save The Queen" t-shirt, featuring Anna Wintour (editor-in-chief of American Vogue):

I love satire and the fact that it's a black tee!

You can check out the entire collection, where to purchase the graphic tees as well as previous work by Christopher Lee Sauvé on his official site:

Also, feel free to follow Chris Sauvé via Twitter:
and Facebook:
After all, social networking is the future and you'll surely want to be updated on the newest merchandise!
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