Saturday, April 30, 2011

Emerging Houston Boutique: Raquel's Closet

Said to be from California, but raised in Houston, the do-it-all diva Raquel Lee keeps herself busy with her rap/music career, styling photo shoots, hair/makeup, being a personal shopper, as well as a boutique owner.

With only 6 months in the prominent River Oaks location, Raquel's Closet (located at 2611 S. Shepherd - Suite #145, Houston, TX 77098) boasts an unique, fun and friendly vibe. The petite boutique screams a hot pink; girly yet fashionable theme. The boutique features clothes/merchandise from a variety of independent designers - most of whom are from Los Angeles. The assortment of merchandise isn't too diverse, however the array of choices can fit anyone from a petite individual to a plus-size one. Also, don't be fooled by the size-labels on the merchandise, because a size "S" (small) can fit an extra small to small, so don't hesitate to try on clothes/merchandise because you're afraid it won't fit you. Lee is wise in knowing what clothes work on any body - regardless of size - so the small arrangement of merchandise can quickly sell out; pair that with the low prices (almost everything is under $50) and it's sure to be a seller!

Although I wouldn't quite say everything is a classic piece as most of the merchandise is in-season or trendy attire with classical to whimsical charm. Some of the merchandise may not be everyone's cup of tea (much too "urban" or street-wear, for myself) however it's definitely worth checking out at least once - you're sure to find at least one must-have and/or of-the-moment find!

I know I definitely did... Purchased a black lace skirt (reminiscent of Prada's RTW Fall 2008 collection) for $32.46, with tax!

Also, mind you - since it's a new and emerging boutique - it's very petite and there are a few renovations that I believe could be needed or done! However, I believe the small space has been crafted into an overall enjoyable experience.


 {In-store images taken on my iPhone.}
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