Saturday, May 2, 2009

"Kiss Me; Kill Me... Until I Bleed"

"...You are the sun that holds my dreams,
Can you save me, set me free?
You are my sanctuary.

Al's Formal Wear:
- Tuxedo / #655 Black Cutaway
- Formal Shirt / #3215 Tallia White Microfiber Wing Shirt
- Formal Tie / #4207 Black Ascot Tie
- Formal Jewelry / #6501 Black and Rhinestone Studs + Cufflinks
- Formal Shoes / #7015 After Six Black Radio City


I'm doing a photo shoot on Thursday, May 7th at Brett Chisholm's studio. It's my Fashion Image final/styling project and I've chosen to do a "dark-&-dreamy" theme (since I am hardcore for dark romance and that is my view of "the ultimate"). It just speaks volumes to my soul - always has and always will. I'm doing menswear as that is my love/passion. I've decided I ultimately want to work in menswear after all and I'd like to be a stylist for high-fashion editorials, preferably for menswear.

So my first-&-ultimate choice (Plan A, if you will) male model bailed on me a few hours ago and now I have to act quick on my Plan B. I'm super bummed because Plan A was skinny, pale, gloomy yet lovely and embodied as well as exuded my theme/look/vision naturally. But, I have no time for failure and I can't sulk in misery forever.

Makeup and props are complete, although wardrobe is still in the works. I'm currently looking for a top hat for my Plan B male model because I just feel like without a top hat and a lot of black, Plan B male model may not work.

I'm on the hunt for a top hat in Houston. I contacted Miller Hats Houston Retail Showroom today but they won't have any of that particular inventory in stock until Monday morning.

So I started to check out formal wear stores that may carry top hats in Houston and ended up checking out the website for Al's Formal Wear. Then, I clicked the "build a tux" button and I realized I had found my ideal/look!
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