Friday, October 7, 2011

Jen Kao Thrills & Wows

Jen Kao was born in Los Angeles, raised in Kansas, and moved to New York City in 1999 to study Studio Art at NYU. Later building on her passion for fine art and with a desire to explore three-dimensional design, Kao recognized her growing interest in textile construction and subsequently obtained a graduate degree in fashion design from Parsons.

Recently Kao debuted her first resort collection and I must say "wow"! Kao's designs are usually experimental and radiant; her resort collection was described as "easy dramatic" since it pulled together easy-to-wear pieces with dramatic prints and colors.

My favorites from Kao's Resort 2012 Collection include:

I loved the bright colors and, most of all, the beautiful shades of blue [my favorite color]. Kao never fails to amaze me... as her runway shows always feature cutting-edge prints, nail art, jewelry, and hair styles.

Her Fall/Winter 2012 collection is nothing short of excitement! My favorite looks from that collection include {in this ascending to descending order}:


I believe what I love most about Kao would be that she creates astonishing and exquisite works that are both a work of art as well as wearable. Plus, she creates clothing and accessories that she, herself, wears... she stays true to who she is and her style, which I absolutely adore!

“There are intelligent ways to convey sexuality. A woman can emphasize her assets, internal and external, without revealing the obvious.” --Jen Kao.
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