Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Play Safe Thong

Perfect for New Years Eve or just anytime, anywhere really - the Play Safe Thong (with a discreet personal pocket) is an incredibly sexy, urban fashion accessory for young women who want intimacy to be secure and spontaneous.

Featured in Teen Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Zink, PlayGirl, among other leading publications and media outlets - The Play Safe Thong is an intimate apparel which empowers and supports sexually active women to practice safe sex. By combining sexy fashion with social responsibility, their mission is to influence, educate and transform the perceptions of our young, hip and most vulnerable individuals.

The Play Safe Thong is an adjustable thong panty that carries and conceals one free brand-name latex condom. It looks great and keeps you safe from HIV/AIDS as well as Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs).

It's a must-have fashion accessory for smart women who know intimacy must be safe, sexy, and spontaneous. Plus, no one else has to know that you are carrying protection... it's comfortable and discreet!

When you're having fun, Play Safe!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Writers Wanted: Men's Online Magazine

The Rugged - Men Live It; Women Love It, a new men's online lifestyle magazine like no other featuring articles on fitness, finance, relationships, sports, fashion/style, tech toys and everything else men love, launches January 2010!

Their target audience is men ages 18-34;
they plan to eventually start competing with larger sites such as Ask Men, Made Man, Spike, FHM, and others in the men's lifestyle niche.

The Rugged is currently looking for writers as well as potential partners/editors in the near future.

  • Excellent English writing skills (grammar, spelling, sentence structure)
  • Be able to format an article for the best possible readability. Know when (and when not) to use bullets, sub-headers, etc.
  • Be capable of extensively researching a subject and portraying authority
  • Engaging writing style (this might include witty, humorous, personal, ability to connect with readers)
  • Be able to produce content that generates buzz and is worthy of being linked to.
  • One article per week when necessary
  • Respond to comments
  • Respond to a monthly "Question & Answer" (regarding your expertise) sent in from readers


Keep in mind that this is a men’s magazine, not Wikipedia.
Every article should be engaging and entertaining!
A perfect example of what The Rugged is looking for is the publication Men's Health. With that said, they're looking for writers to take on a variety of topics including:

1.) Health & Fitness

2.) Money & Power

3.) Relationships & Sex - looking for articles that are a bit more sophisticated than what you might find in say, FHM. This can be a bit tricky, but if you've ever read Men's Health and FHM you can see the difference in the target audience. FHM targets teenage boys. Men's Health targets men starting careers. The Rugged's target audience is more on par with Men's Health.
{I've read Men's Health Magazine, as they have great articles and wonderful advertising - FHM is 90% filth in my view, although I did enjoy their post on Women's 1960s Vintage Fashion!}

4.) Sports – looking for broad topics here. A bad example would be a complete run down of a baseball game. A good example might be something about the Brett Favre controversy or a hyped up UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) fight. Anything that interests the mainstream and not necessarily specific sports gurus.

5.) Fashion / Style – clothes, hygiene, etc.

6.) Technology – concept cars, smart phones, gadgets, toys, video games, the web, etc. Looking for broad articles covering the juicy stuff, not technical pieces.

7.) Controversial Rants – The Rugged plans to have a section that is purely controversial. The writer's job will be to generate debates among readers - in an educated, witty, humorous, open-minded manner. The Rugged stresses “open-minds” as well as intends on having political debates. If you find it hard to agree with views from more than one news station, then you’re probably not what they're looking for in this particular section.

The Rugged is looking for writers who are interested in developing a long-term relationship. They want great writers and want their writers to stick around. They feel that their pay structure reflects that - base pay, bonus pay, and revenue-sharing. [Pay is negotiable - depending on skills, article quality, and the ability to generate buzz + readership.]
  • Base Pay: $3 per 100 words. The Rugged plans to gradually increase this figure, upwards of $10 per 100 words as the magazine grows. Articles will typically stay at around 400-600 words. Although there will also be the occasional 200 word news articles and even 1,000 word pillar articles.
  • Bonus: If your articles are hitting the front page of social media sites, it won’t go unnoticed. You’ll be awarded bonus pay for such achievements - upwards of $100 depending on the success of the article.
  • Revenue-Sharing: The Rugged wants their success to be your success. Therefore, writers will share a percentage of monthly revenue.
  • Additional Opportunities: As the magazine grows, one of The Rugged's first priorities will be to increase the pay and opportunities for their writers. As mentioned, they'll also be looking for senior editors and even community managers in the future.

How to apply:
Email - partner@therugged.com

+ Include the following:

- Name, age, sex, location, and an image of you
- Let The Rugged know which topics you’d like to write about
- 3 sample articles that you’ve written. If your sample articles haven’t been used or published yet, you may be paid for these [if hired]
- Reason(s) you would be perfect for the job - maybe you're passionate about a specific topic, maybe you already have experience with online writing, maybe you know how to use WordPress, or maybe you're good at marketing...
Whatever you think The Rugged should know about you!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Forever 21 Presents "Très Paris"

Forever 21's Twist Collection presents (the limited edition) Très Paris, a très chic line for your inner fun-&-flirty Parisian mademoiselle.

The collection arrives online and in stores today!
A look book featuring 28 different looks can be found on Forever 21's official website.

Here's a few of the looks:

And (below) a few of my favorite pieces from the collection.

Forever 21 - Très Paris

There's a lot of feminine, elegant, sophisticated French flair pieces with graphics, bows, florals, and lovely details (i.e. rosettes, lace, sequins, rhinestones) as well as pieces inspired by the 1950s beatnik culture.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Lawndale Art Center Exhibition Opening

Lawndale Art Center is a non-profit alternative space for the exhibition of contemporary works in all media, unique in its focus on Houston area artists. Housed in an Art Deco building in Midtown, Lawndale has 4 galleries and annually hosts 20 exhibitions, informal talks and special events.

Opening reception tonight, December 2, 2009 from 6–8pm in Room #317 for: Hypnopomp | Britt Ragsdale, University of Houston Cynthia Woods Mitchell Center for the Arts Studio Residency. Exhibition is on view from December 2–19, 2009.

Lawndale Art Center and the University of Houston Cynthia Woods Mitchell Center for the Arts present Hypnopomp, a installation by Mitchell Center alumna Britt Ragsdale. Through sculptural objects and audio components, Britt Ragsdale explores the combination of hypnopomp and sleep paralysis. Hypnopomp is the scientific term referring to the cognitive state leading out of sleep. It is considered much more emotional and credulous in comparison to the experience of dreaming in hypnagogia, or the cognitive state of entering sleep.

Commonly combined with sleep paralysis, when the brain suddenly awakens from sleep while the muscles are still paralyzed by REM atonia, hynopompic hallucinations merge with normal vision to create an experience that many people have equated to supernatural encounters.

Along with Britt Ragsdale's art work there will be a performance at 7pm in the O'Quinn Gallery by Chin Xaou Ti Won, a Houston-based synth-pop / contemporary classical duo, comprised of Marcus Cone and St-Michel. The music draws heavily from 80's New Wave, Anime-Pop / Video Game Music and 20th Century Minimalism - all belted out on a stack of synths, electronics and walls of percussion. Often dubbed by critics as "film music", Chin Xaou Ti Won's music is built strongly around melodies, ranging from the simplistic, yet catchy, to the lush and contemplative.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Je Veux Ton Amour Et Je Veux Ta Revanche

"I'm a free bitch, baby!"
So I finally gave into the Gaga craze yesterday.

First off, I dare you to watch the official music video to Lady Gaga's single "Bad Romance" (if you haven't already):

"I want your horror, I want your design, 'Cause you're a criminal - as long as you're mine..."

/// Featured in the music video: Ukrainian Vodka (Nemiroff LEX), Alexander McQueen Printemps-Été 2010 and (similar to Nagi Noda's hair hats) Japanese hairstylist Shinji Konishi's bat hair hat.

The whole music video looks like a high-fashion magazine editorial spread, like something out of Vogue Italia! The whole concept of the music video and contrasting colors throughout is just orgasmic! (And the tune/visuals at the end of the video reminded me somehow of something from The Munsters)
Also, the sexy men (male models, most likely) in the music video remind me of the 2007 action, yet very fashionable, film Hitman (directed by French director Xavier Gens). You have to watch it if you haven't already; it's one of my favorite films!
The whole music video just feeds my fashionable fantasies! I won't even start. All I have to say is high-fashion is better than porn!
Anyways, throughout the video, I've realized Gaga looks like a love child of Madonna and Gwen Stefani. However, she seems to mimic not only their look/style - she even appears to remind me of (former club kid) James St. James, (fashion designer) Betsey Johnson, and (almost everyone should know) Gaga imitates Róisín Murphy!
I like Gaga's music, effort, concepts/ideas and she is talented - yet I'm still not a huge fan of hers.
I actually prefer Róisín Murphy, considering the first time I heard about her was when I saw her amazing performance at Fashion Rocks on Fashion TV. However I do have to thank the lovely Gabriel Geismar (for those who don't know him, he's the exquisite Janice Dickinson's makeup artist and a very kindred soul - mostly I adore talking fashion/life with him when he gets the time) for sending me Lady Gaga's "Just Dance" music video my way, which is actually the first time I had heard about Gaga.
I just feel like Gaga tries too hard or something and she's far too "commercial" - there's just something about Gaga that doesn't appeal to me. Maybe its all the hype?

Either way, I prefer beauty-&-brains types [who speak to /resonate with my soul], like (artist/heiress) Daphne Guinness! Maybe I prefer mademoiselle Guinness because she's proved herself as more than just a fashion/beauty icon - she's also a journalist, fashion stylist, film producer and a collector of haute couture.
Whatever. As time/life changes, maybe I'll find myself liking Gaga more... after all, as our life experiences change/shape us we realize what we once liked or disliked we may feel differently about in the years to come. I know its very true for myself! (And it never really struck me as hard until this one time when a beloved-&-wise fashion professor at my college named monsieur Alexander Chapman said something that just hit me like a thunderbolt).

*In other Gaga news: Lady Gaga is featured in the November 2009 Russian GQ Magazine!


I've just now learned that Lady Gaga is Nicola Formichetti's client and he styled the entire music video, which was directed by Francis Lawrence.
For those who don't quite know me well - I'm a huge fan of Formichetti; he is my absolute favorite stylist! I would probably give up my life just to work, or even intern, for him! I've been in love with his work as well as following his styling for quite some time now - everything he creates is just pure genius! He manipulates what I call "average mojo-jojo" people would even think to pair together!
Also, I was just now watching the Lady Gaga June 2009 Interview on Formichetti's blog and I must admit I did just dislike her for her "commercial/mass-media hype". She is very wise, in actuality! She dropped out of NYU to live a starving artist life - that's passion; that's the kind of beautiful torture that makes me love individuals!

One more thing - Nicola Formichetti has posted the entire fashion credits for Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance" music video on his blog! It's perfect because Formichetti has answered my prayers/questions! Thank God/the-universe for brilliant minds and passionate hearts!

*Few of my favorite fashionable pieces:

- The breathtaking masks on the men which are created by Jaiden rVA James.

Lady Gaga wears a Jaiden rVa James mask in a shoot shot by fashion photographer Max Abadian, for December 2009's issue of Flare Magazine. Obviously styled by the great Nicola Formichetti!

- The crystal rosaries created by (fashion designer) Benjamin Cho, as featured previously in Paper Magazine.

My favorite Benjamin Cho piece is this polar bear faux-fur coat, which was created for his Spring 2004 runway show with the Humane Society. I guess I should be happy it's not real fur, but I do adore real fur as well. Anyways, this faux-fur polar bear coat is something I would wear to my (fashionable fantasy) wedding. It's supremely lovely!

- The lovely lace, red outfit created by (fashion/graphic designer and Australian artist) Alex Noble. Alex Noble is a huge inspiration to me because he gives me hope that I don't have to settle into any one aspect of the fashion/art/business industry but I can indeed do whatever I feel I can achieve or am passionate about! His work/life resonates deep within my soul. To me, I believe in all or nothing and always following your heart!
Lady Gaga has an amazing and brilliantly talented team behind her. I can only hope I learn as much as I can from lovely, kindred souls so that one day I too may lead a passionate, liberating life within the fashion industry! xo.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Alex & Chloe: Sale Items

My top 5 (unisex) sale item picks from Alex & Chloe:

"Don't Say Non" T-Shirt in white [[$27]]
The shirt also comes in black and pink.
The design reminds me of French graffiti/street artist, ZEVS.

"I Heart Paris" T-Shirt in white [[$27]]
Also available in black and pink.
The design/look of the shirt reminds me of GAS'D clothing line.

"Forever" T-Shirt in white [[$46.20]]
Also available in black.
T-shirt designed by New York City based visual artist Kenzo Minami.

"I'm Too Sexy" T-Shirt in white [[$27]]
Available in black and pink.
I love the French graphic words on the shirt - "Je Suis Trop Sexy Pour Cette Chemise" (English Translation: I Am Too Sexy For This Shirt).

"Inverted Triangle" T-Shirt in white [[$27]]
Also available in black and pink.
I really love the pyramid design; reminds me of Daft Punk as well as Hemaly's blog!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Eventful Weekend

This weekend only!


Saturday, October 24th:
Urban Design Concepts' 1-day private exhibition in Houston at the
Hilton Houston SW
(6780 Southwest Freeway, Houston, TX 77074)
from 10am-6pm.

All jewelry will be on sale, at this exclusive Houston event!

They'll take your measurements and offer you customizable changes that better suit your complexion, body type, event coordination, etc.


Sunday, October 25th:
Bibi Magazine's 13th International Bridal Show at the
Houston Renaissance Hotel at Greenway Plaza
(6 Greenway Plaza East, Houston, Texas 77046)
from noon to 5pm.

It's free admission to the public.
You just have to register at the table upon arrival!

You can pre-register at BibiMagazine.com for quicker admission
and a free gift bag upon arrival,
sponsored by Vis-a-Vis Cosmetics, Kohinoor Diamonds and Saavn.com.

Shop exclusive clothing and jewelry, enjoy the fashion shows, complimentary cuisine and champagne, as well as complimentary beauty treatments in the Bridal Beauty Room!

There will also be raffles and giveaways, entertainment showcases and photography exhibitions.

For more information, call Bibi Magazine at (713) 992-4085.

(Click on bottom image, to enlarge)

I'll be helping out the events mentioned in this post, hope to see you there! x.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Girl On Top Book Tour

"In the fantasy of fashion, we want what's unattainable (both the body and the bag). In the world of career, it's all about supply and demand."
Nicole Williams.


About Nicole Williams:

Nicole Williams is a best-selling author and the founder of WORKS by Nicole Williams, the first media and content company marketed toward young professional women. Her advice is featured regularly in major media outlets including Elle, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Marie Claire, The Wall Street Journal, and the Financial Times. Nicole also appears on the Today Show, ABC’s Primetime, Good Morning America, The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch, Fox News and CNN.

About the book:

Career expert Nicole Williams has written an ingenious book, Girl On Top, that turns dating rules into career strategies.

She dishes on how much to reveal at work, as well as what to put up with from your boss (and, more importantly, what not to). She tackles everything from having the money talk to leaving them wanting more on a job interview. And sprinkled throughout Girl on Top is fashion advice (“Top Ten Commandments of Style”) and checklists to determine if you need to get a life.

Nicole’s keen insight and candid advice will teach you how to recognize the good guys from the bad, win the kudos of those who matter, and create the career of your dreams.

The book hit stores/retailers October 12, 2009 and if you've already ordered your copy - forward the confirmation email from your purchase to myfreegift@nicolewilliams.com (be sure to include your name and address) and they’ll put a free tote in the mail for you. But hurry, supplies are limited!

Book tour:

To commemorate the launch of her new book, Nicole Williams is currently on a book tour in 16 cities nation-wide. Los Angeles was completed October 20th and NYC was completed October 15th.

Next stops on the book tour include:

10/23 Miami - 7535 Kendall Drive, Miami

10/26 Nashville - 1800 Galleria Boulevard, Franklin

10/28 Dallas - 8687 Northcentral Expressway, Dallas

10/29 Dallas - 13350 Dallas Parkway, Dallas

10/30 Houston - 5085 Westheimer (Suite 3725), Houston (Galleria II) from 6-9pm 

11/04 San Francisco - 2855 Steven's Creek Boulevard, Santa Clara

11/06 Seattle - 315 S. Center, Seattle

11/09 Vancouver - 788 Robson St., Vancouver

11/11 Minneapolis - 60 West Broadway, Bloomington

11/13 Chicago - 5 Woodfield Mall, Schaumburg

11/17 Boston - 1245 Worcester Road, Natick

11/18 Boston - 250 Granite St., Braintree

11/20 Cherry Hill - 502 Cherry Hill Mall, Cherry Hill

11/23 Washington DC - 1100 South Hayes St., Arlington

11/25 Toronto - location to be determined

Events are held at The Limited store. You must RSVP if you wish to attend the event held in your city. To RSVP: http://girlontopbook.com/tour

Also, there will be an exclusive 40% discount on The Limited's brand new business-chic attire (perfect for that next big meeting or job interview), a chance to chat up the women in your city that you need to have on speed dial (network), a gift bag valued at over $500 (full of stuff you'll actually use), free-flowing cocktails, as well as career advice from Nicole Williams (people pay big money for her words of wisdom).

RSVP today and let's toast to beauty, brains, and bossiness!
And don't forget to give your friends' information to attend the event too, because friends don't let friends network alone.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Celebrate Charming Charlie

Charming Charlie, founded in Houston, Texas in 2004, is an unique fashion accessories store that specializes in a fast-changing selection of fun, affordable and fabulous fashion accessories all organized by color.

It's been called the "best place for a bargain" by H Texas Magazine, in October 2007.

With over 18 locations already in the state of Texas, 5 in Georgia, 2 in Lousiana, 1 in Mississippi, 2 in Tennessee (one opening soon in December), 1 in Alabama (one opening soon in November), among others... Charming Charlie is spreading across the country!

In fact, Charming Charlie has expanded to a new location in Houston... now located in the Houston Galleria.

To celebrate their new location, Charming Charlie in conjunction with Houston Tidbits invites everyone to join them for a Grand Opening Store Soiree!

The event takes place this Wednesday, October 21st, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the Houston Galleria (rink level, across from Visible Changes, below Neiman Marcus). There will be complimentary drinks and snacks from Ruth's Chris Steakhouse, Angie’s Cake, André’s Pastry Shop, and other sponsors.

Plus, the beauty experts from The Perfect Face will be on hand to show you how to achieve a lovely red lip for fall/winter season.

Arrive early and fashionable, as there will be swag/gift bags for the first 100 people!

For more information about this event and to RSVP, please visit Houston Tidbits.

P.S. To learn more about wonderful events in the Houston area, visit Fashion Houston, Houston's Weekly Chic and Cheap Eats in Houston.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Splurge vs. Steal

So I saw this on HauteLook today and I knew it reminded me of something I saw a few days ago / recommended on my ThisNext account.


Rosette Bib Necklace in Ivory by Cara New York.
Retails for $135. Sample sale for $54 (60% off).
Also available in Purple and Black.

Approx 48" length.
Approx 1" to 3" each flower.

Imported. Fiber Content:
100% Polyester.
Faux Stones.

A rosette bib necklace with stones and a ribbon tie for closure.

You can definitely spice up any tee or dress instantly!


In Full Bloom necklace at ModCloth.
Price: $28.

A symmetrically arranged v-neck shaped, statement-making piece.

An adjustable chain, ivory, satin-like petals, and smooth, matte-finish buttons in the center of each bud adorn this accessory to create the look of freshly picked fashion.

I actually prefer the "splurge" because the fabric texture as well as the details (which are different between both the pieces) is much lovelier. The flowers on the "splurge" look delicate like actual flowers, whereas the "steal" looks more like paper flowers and very rough in comparison to the "splurge". Also, the ribbon on the "splurge" makes the floral necklace much softer than the chain associated with the "steal". Although both are definitely great in their own way and depending on how you wear this bold and feminine essential! x.
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