Monday, March 26, 2012

Color Block Challenge: Day 1

Houston Chronicle's fashion journalist, Joy Sewing challenges the fashion savvy once again.

A few years ago, Sewing challenged women to wear one dress for five days in five different ways. Though I hadn't participated, I did feel a strong desire to as it seemed like a fun, creative exercise in shopping in one's own closet.

Employees at the Chronicle's bureau in Washington, DC.

This time Sewing's fashion challenge involves "color blocking." To those unaware of the terminology, color blocking involves wearing two or more solid blocks of color in a single outfit. But, color blocking doesn't just apply to clothing/apparel, it can also be applied to accessories. For example, Kenneth Jay Lane's "Jade Link" necklace, Marc Jacobs' color-block heart-shaped earrings, and Giuseppe Zanotti's patent color-block sandals (all of which can be found on are an excellent example.

Sewing's color-block contest runs from Monday, March 26, 2012 through Friday, March 30, 2012.

  • Wear 1-2 bright pieces of clothing each day. You can change the colors daily or use the same pieces, but they must be worn in different ways. You can mix brights with prints.
  • Black doesn’t count as a color. But beige, gray and other earth tones do, and can be matched with bright hues. 
  • Accessorizing with bright colors gets you extra points. This includes jewelry, handbags, and shoes
  • Take a photo of yourself in your outfit each day. It can be with a digital camera or even a camera phone. They just need to see the outfits and how you mixed the colors.
  • Have fun and be creative. That’s the overall goal of this challenge; it shouldn’t be stressful.

Prizes: Gift cards to Macy’s and Dillard’s. Gift bags of goodies from Charming Charlie. The photos will be judged by reps from the retailers and the winner will be announced the following week. The photos of the winner may be featured in a story in the Houston Chronicle as well.

Sadly, I don't have as many colors in my closet as I would like to. However, in the name of fun and creativity, I am willing to try my hand at this fashion challenge and I urge others to as well. Do it for yourself; to challenge yourself to be more creative with your wardrobe! Challenges like these are splendid, especially if you're feeling like you're in a fashion rut.


Ten color combos that work well together:
  1. Cobalt blue + yellow + orange 
  2. Chocolate brown + pink + peach 
  3. Purple + bright blue + teal 
  4. Deep blue + fuchsia + white 
  5. Coral + gray + ivory 
  6. Grey + red 
  7. Fuchsia + orange 
  8. Yellow + gray 
  9. Green + purple 
  10. Green + khaki
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