Sunday, February 22, 2009

Pow Wow

"Being Native American is an attitude, a state of mind, a way of being in harmony with all things and all beings. It is allowing the heart to be the distributor of energy on this planet; to allow feelings and sensitivities to determine where energy goes; bringing aliveness up from the Earth [[physicality]] and from the Sky [[spirituality]], putting it in and giving it out from the heart."

As the Lakota instructs: Whatever you do in life, do the very best you can with both your heart and mind.

And if you do it that way, the power of the universe will come to your assistance, if your heart and mind are in unity.

When one sits in the "hoop of the people", one must be responsible because all of creation is related. And the hurt of one is the hurt of all. And the honor of one is the honor of all. And whatever we do effects everything in the universe.

//// I've been reading a lot of Native American quotes, ethics, and philosophies. I've been going through a lot (emotionally), but I'm still striving to remain positive and develop a good mind+soul. I've been doing well this year (for the most part) and I shall not let anything/anyone stop me from pursuing what I view+feel to be "the ultimate".

Lately, I've been going through a Native American trend/phase in my life. I recently purchased this amazing Native Print skirt from Charlotte Russe and Gianni Bini "Odyssey" sandals from Dillard's, which I've been eyeing/wanting for a long time because the first time I saw the sandals they just spoke volumes to my soul. I told the salesman to hold it for me, for a week, because I would just die if someone else had them. That's the way I am about everything/everyone I deeply adore and care for.

I have yet to figure out how to pull the look together without looking like too much. I know what I must do and I need to do it! I want to be simple; minimal (mind, body and soul) - without losing my essence. I am too much, I want too much and I love excess so much that I want to live+die in excess. Although I do realize I get happy over the simplest, littlest things and nobody can buy my love+happiness!

*Frequently changing; forever seeking... to be free like the wind!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Let's Get Some Shoes


Gladiator heels.
Braided and woven black leather with metal studs and grommet details.
Lightly padded foot bed, leather sole, covered 4.5” heel and 1” platform with heel zip closure.

Jeffrey Campbell, Biz Belted Bootie.

Black leather flat bootie with strap and exterior buckle detail.
Belts have an ingenious unexposed snap system to allow for easy removal.
Tapered toe and narrow ankle cut.
Leather lined with a rubber sole.
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