Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Condé Nast's "Domino" Revival

Condé Nast publications will publish a Domino Magazine special edition entitled "Quick Fixes," which will be available on national newsstands from April 17 through July 16, 2012, for $10.99. A second special edition is scheduled for the fall, according to Holly Becker (editor and interior-design consultant of decor8) and Advertising Age.

Like most newsstand specials, "Domino Quick Fixes" will carry fewer ad pages than a regular monthly magazine would. Also, like many newsstand specials, "Domino Quick Fixes" will comprise of a mixture of new and previously-published content. The Condé Nast Media Group will soon pitch advertisers on the issue and according to Curbed, Domino may make a comeback!

Domino Magazine, which was published from 2005-2009, bid adieu in January of 2009 as Condé Nast closed the magazine and its website due to lack of advertising revenues that couldn't keep up with the magazine's expenses. With the magazine and website gone, fans of the magazine flocked together to remember images of Domino's content, in hopes of collecting as many as possible in one place. Others, like myself, have kept a few of the back issues of Domino that they owned in remembrance of the lovely interior-decor magazine.

Domino's official tag line was "the guide to living with style," and indeed Domino always delivered just that!

Condé Nast launched the magazine in 2005. In its first year, Domino was honored with every media award for the best new magazine, including The Hot List Startup of the Year by AdWeek, Top Launch of the Year by Media Industry Newsletter and The A-List 10 under 50 by Advertising Age. In its third year, the magazine grew to a rate base of 800,000. It received two National Magazine Award nominations from the American Society of Magazine Editors (ASME).

In October 2008, Domino released its first book, "Domino: The Book of Decorating," published by Simon & Schuster. It was the first book created by the Domino staff and was a style manual that brought together inspiring rooms, how-to advice and the best tips from the industry's insiders. If you've ever looked at the book--you can see that going from room to room, the editors illustrate how great interiors come together, tapping ideas from Domino, and revealing insights from their own experiences. There was a special feature (within the book) called “The Domino Effect,” where editors and contributors revealed the stories behind how their own rooms came into being. With an eye to making design accessible and exciting, the book aimed to demystify the decorating process. If you haven't already bought the book, it can be found at Anthropologie, Barnes & Noble, and, among other places.

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