Monday, March 14, 2011

Shoe Dazzle - Personalized Shoes on a Budget

Last month I absolutely adored my friend Michelle’s supremely gorgeous, colorful and exotic flats. I asked her where she got them and she told me about this amazing website called “Shoe Dazzle.”

I recently became a member of Shoe Dazzle this month. It’s free to join and here’s an invitation to join Shoe Dazzle, as well:

At first I thought the website catered solely to shoe-addicts, but it also offers handbags and jewelry. You just fill out a “personal-style” survey (or a “style profile,” as they call it) at the beginning (upon creating your Shoe Dazzle account) and then, based on your “style profile,” you get personalized recommendations (5 shoes, handbags and jewelry) every month from Shoe Dazzle’s chief fashion stylist and co-founder, Kim Kardashian, and her team of Hollywood stylists.

Everything on Shoe Dazzle is $39.95, and there’s free shipping/exchanges (within the contiguous United States; excludes APO/FPO addresses) when you join as a Shoe Dazzle client! Also, when you join, you get 20% off your first Shoe Dazzle item!

Once you join Shoe Dazzle, (based on your preferences, which you input during the “personal-style” survey, or “style profile,” at the beginning of your Shoe Dazzle account creation) the stylists' recommendations for you appear on the tab “my showroom.” If you don’t like the original “personal selection” of shoes, you can always get a second recommendation by clicking on the “request alternate shoes” button/option. Your personal showroom also features what’s hot this month on Shoe Dazzle, as well as your “personal selection” of handbags and jewelry.

After you place your first order/purchase on Shoe Dazzle, the monthly style service costs $39.95 every month! You receive your personalized selections and one gorgeous pair of new shoes or item of your choice. There is no obligation to purchase once you register, and you are only charged after you place your first order/purchase! In any month, you are free to select the “skip this month” button/option in your Shoe Dazzle account between the 1st and the 5th of the month – and your credit card will not be charged!

Initially, upon viewing my first “personal selection” (recommended by the Shoe Dazzle stylists) – there was only one shoe I actually saw myself wearing and purchasing: Roxanne… an above-the-ankle, sapphire-blue mesh, peep-toe, platform shoe with layers of straps surrounding it.

I’m not really a shoe-addict, as much as I’m an accessory (preferably earrings) addict! When it comes to shoes, I believe in the term “practical fashion.” If the shoes are not something I can see myself wearing a lot, I don’t purchase it and if it's worth the splurge, I invest in it! I wish the same could be said about my tendency to impulsively buy clothes. I’m still debating whether to purchase shoes from Shoe Dazzle… I have a fear of purchasing pants and shoes online – fear that it won’t fit me properly, fear that I’ll have to return them (oh, the hassle of returns and/or exchanges), etc. However, Shoe Dazzle offers free shipping and returns/exchanges, so that definitely makes me want to try it out once I get the chance!

Here are 5 shoes that I found on Shoe Dazzle, which are quite appetizing to the eyes:

1.) Junie – this faux-suede bootie is available in purple and sizes 5.5 to 11. Recommended by Shoe Dazzle’s chief fashion stylist and co-founder, Kim Kardashian.

2.) Yanina – available in black; faux-leather; sizes 5.5 to 11, excluding size 9.5! Recommended by Shoe Dazzle stylist Michael Bassolino.

3.) Temptation – features faux-snakeskin and contoured cutout; available in sizes 5.5 to 11, excluding size 9.5! Recommended by Shoe Dazzle stylist Camille Jumelle.

4.) Pixie – faux-leather, a stacked wooden heel, and a wild print make this shoe versatile for a day (office/work) to night (club/lounge) transition. It’s available in the 2 following colors: blue snakeskin and dusty rose. Another great recommendation by Shoe Dazzle stylist Camille Jumelle. Comes in sizes 5.5 to 11, excluding size 9.5!

5.) Garbo – faux-suede with faux patent leather trim; available in a jewel toned emerald shade and a dark purple/violet shade. It offers scalloping and an almond toe point… channels a very glamorous-meets-vintage vibe! The emerald shade is available in sizes 5.5 to 11, excluding size 9.5, and the purple shade is available in sizes 5.5 to 10, excluding sizes 7.5 and 9.5! Recommended by Shoe Dazzle stylist Heather Zweigel.

Upon joining Shoe Dazzle and viewing the various choices of shoes/handbags, I’ve found there is one Shoe Dazzle stylist whose choices I have somewhat consistently liked… Merika Rock. She is apparently a "top celebrity stylist" – styling Kim Kardashian for “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” to Kynt and Vyxsin of the 12th installment of “The Amazing Race” – and a "proud minority business owner" as well as "a member of the Latino community."

Here are 3 Shoe Dazzle recommendations by Merika Rock that I absolutely adore:

1.) Zelda – a royal blue and black, faux-leather, strapped platform pump. Available in sizes 5.5 to 11, excluding size 9.5!

2.) Roxanne – one of my Shoe Dazzle “personal selections.” Available in sizes 5.5 to 11.

3.) Bond St. – this handbag features colorful panels of faux snakeskin, and I think it’s a pretty “seriously stylish” tote!

All the merchandise on Shoe Dazzle is exclusive to the website/company, so I definitely believe it’s worth checking out! And it's definitely perfect for shoe-addicts on a budget.

Shoe Dazzle on Twitter:!/shoedazzle
Shoe Dazzle on YouTube:

P.S. Recently the sample-sale website, Haute Look, launched a similar "shoe-club" concept with their website: Sole Society - Style That's Solely Yours. Downside is Sole Society is $10 more than Shoe Dazzle! But, from now until 3/31/2011, Sole Society members who use the code "SS10" get $10 off their first purchase. In my opinion, Sole Society is a luxe version of Shoe Dazzle.
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