Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Be More Me; Be More Free

Positive Thought:
If somebody says something to you that hurts,
instead of going into unconscious reaction such as attack,
you let it pass right through you.
Offer no resistance!
That is forgiveness.

{Jonathan Kroppmann}

I'm going to interview Jonathan for my blog and possibly for another fashion blog whom requested that I write for them if I get the time or have any ideas. I think it would be a great piece to really stand out from the other blogs, simply because Jonathan is a private and shy individual. He is a very kindred soul, in my view.
Plus, it would be a great way to advance my writing skills.

But, as of the moment I can't think straight.
In my mind swirls worry, wants and needs...

*Drama always seems to find me.
But, my new vibe and philosophy is:
"Thinking Ahead! Positive Vibes."
I'm not just preaching it - I'm living it, I'm eating it,
and I'm breathing it!

I know I'm not perfect and there is a lot I need to work on i.e. learning to forgive, having more patience and self control, losing my fear factor, etc.

{"Walking Art!"}

Lately with the new incidents that have happened in my life, I think it's pretty obvious I am ready to let myself be open
and let myself be loved.
But, I am and will forever be fastidious!

{"Let it take over your body, mind and soul!"}

I'm open and ready.
For you!
To justify my love.
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