Thursday, September 8, 2011

Motel Rocks!

So I totally just bought the last Motel "Rockies" print dress in XS on Nasty Gal. FYI: Nasty Gal is a San Francisco based online shopping website that targets vintage enthusiasts as well as individuals that want something unique from a newly-found designer. I'm always hesitate to purchase online, but I just couldn't pass up the fun-printed dress and since there was only 1 more dress (in XS) in stock I took it as a sign!

Motel has amazing, unique merchandise! They sell a few merchandise on Nasty Gal, which is how I heard about them. Also, they have a store in Bristol (United Kingdom) and they sell online via the official website:

Most famous for it's figure-fixing, quirky dresses--Motel is a brand that likes to call itself "the wild child of British style," with their "eclectic mix of punk, retro, fun-filled 'killer style' clothing."

Lily Allen, Little Boots, The Ting Tings, Alesha Dixon, and Marina and the Diamonds are just a few public figures or "celebrities" (within the music industry) that have been seen wearing the UK-based brand. Motel has also rocked several magazine publications, including the May 2011 issue of (American) Marie Claire.

As I was searching through Motel's official site, I realized the brand had a whole collection titled "Rockies" and here are a few pieces from the wonderful collection:

P.S. Motel offers FREE SHIPPING to all USA deliveries + FREE deliveries and returns if you're in the UK region. Also, become a Motel FaceBook fan:, to keep up-to-date with new merchandise, contests, etc.
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