Saturday, January 16, 2010

Christopher Lee Sauvé Strikes Again

Remember those infamous "Save Anna" t-shirts?

Well, New York City based artist and fashion impresario, Christopher Lee Sauvé has launched a new collection of hand-painted graphic t-shirts for the new year featuring new mantras ranging from "Fuck The Recession" to "Print Is Dead".

One of my favorites from the new collection would definitely be the t-shirt in memory of Yves Saint Laurent:

I'll forever adore monsieur Yves Saint Laurent because of the ideal he enraptures and I strongly believe in the elegant, stylish grandeur he set forth in the world of fashion.

Another favorite of mine from the collection would be the "God Save The Queen" t-shirt, featuring Anna Wintour (editor-in-chief of American Vogue):

I love satire and the fact that it's a black tee!

You can check out the entire collection, where to purchase the graphic tees as well as previous work by Christopher Lee Sauvé on his official site:

Also, feel free to follow Chris Sauvé via Twitter:
and Facebook:
After all, social networking is the future and you'll surely want to be updated on the newest merchandise!
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