Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Edgy Chef: Sam Mason

Obsession: Sam Mason, Chef.

(Above) Sam invites touring bands to his Manhattan loft in his online show called "Dinner with the Band" on One Networks. They prepare dinner and discuss music. In this video, Chef Sam prepares migas for Canadian indie band Tokyo Police Club.

So a few days ago I ended up watching Gourmet Magazine's show "Diary Of A Foodie" on PBS. I didn't really know what I was watching until the show was over. Basically it was about desserts and I'm a dessert junkie so obviously I was down for it. Also, Barcelona was mentioned in the show and I want to live in Spain one day ("the ultimate") so I was defintiely going to be watching this episode.

So I can't embed the video of the full episode I watched but you can find it online on their website, under Episode 8: #108 - "Just Desserts".

First part of the episode "Just Desserts" highlights Sam Mason, New York City pastry chef. He is walking sex, a rare breed, total inspiration... and I think I found my dream chef! I can't possibly be happy with just one guy (obviously - unless he is an all-in-one type and/or I get over my commitment-phobia)... so I've always thought if I found my type of guy who is a chef, I can finally get to a "healthy" weight (preferably 100 lbs) and think of how wonderful it would be to have him cook me anything I desire (especially considering how I'm super picky). But, one thing I keep wondering (aside from his looks and cooking ability) is - how does he cook with all those accessories on?

* Quote: "Desserts are like fashion. Passion, style and faultless execution are the mark of a great pastry chef."

"I don't know if I think outside the box. That's what people say, but I feel like I'm just in my box. I think inside my box, but my box is somewhere else." - Sam Mason.

After monsieur Mason's segment comes Barcelona's legendary all-dessert restaurant, Espai Sucre. Main courses and all are solely devoted to desserts ("heaven"). Then, off to Peru for Helena's Chocolates & Tejas.

Later in the show they show the editor-in-chief of Gourmet magazine as well as a photographer and food stylist for the magazine. I didn't really realize there was a career as a "food" stylist. But, then I thought about it in fashion industry terms and I'm sure most people don't realize the importance of a fashion stylist. So I guess every industry/field has their own realm of stylists.
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